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Rental of a SUP Surf including all accessories (paddle, fins, leash, life jacket and bag.

For the duration of your choice, from 2 days to 1 week.

Pick up at the store in Montreal.


Transport straps not included but can be rented for $ 15

Board choice: Starboard Hypernut 8'0, Hypernut 9'0 and Maui All-Around 10'6


SUP Surf Rental

Rental Period
  • When you come to collect the board, you will have this contract to sign:


    The tenant acknowledges that the rented equipment is worth the total amount mentioned in the table on the previous page:

    No security deposit will be made at the time of rental. The credit card number is noted in the event that damage or loss occurs to the rented item.

    You have up to 48 hours before taking charge to cancel the rental free of charge


    Terms and conditions


    - The tenant agrees to use the SUP (s) and paddle (s) only on safe water bodies

    - The tenant may not lend, sublet or otherwise allow the use of the equipment rented to a third party without the written approval of the landlord.

    - The tenant is responsible for the equipment rented during the entire period of this contract. Any loss of equipment suffered during this contract will be the sole responsibility of the tenant and the latter will then have to compensate the landlord for an amount equivalent to the value of the equipment indicated herein. Any repair or replacement of required parts of the equipment following abuse or any incident whatsoever, will be his responsibility;

    - At the end of the rental contract, the tenant must return the equipment to the state it was in when the contract was signed, all subject to normal wear and tear following normal use of the equipment. If the landlord judges that the leased equipment is in such a state that it is no longer usable or has a lower value which results in particular from improper use or use, the tenant must then compensate the landlord for the loss of the total value of the equipment indicated herein and it will become its owner.


    Repair costs

    Scratches on the surface, without drilling: $ 5 per 15cm

    Hole in the board less than 1cm: $ 50

    Hole in the board over 1cm: $ 100

    Damaged fin: $ 10

    Broken or lost fin: $ 30

    Broken case: $ 30

    Lost paddle: $ 75

    Other lost track: retail price of the track in question

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