Pick-up your own inflatable board for the day, the weekend or for the day. Go Explore new places!

Discover paddle-boarding in a safe and easy environment during this 1h30 course   

Want to explore the sport further after your intro course? Discover new spots with our professional guides. Go down a calm yet fun river, jump in for a swim or just relax on the beach. You can even come see the La Ronde fireworks on a SUP!

Get together on the water. Office 5 to 7, ''Team Building'', ''bachelorette'', birthdays, everything is possible

Where are we?


Who are we?

SUP MTL is a small business started in 2016 by Jonathan Godbout and Arthur de la Mauvinière, two water sport addicts. They have both been involved professionally in the kitesurfing community for several years. Paddleboarding arrived in their life soon after when they realized how both sports complete each other perfectly.

Our Mission

‘’Montreal is an island, we often forget about it. there's a huge playground all around us. Drive 10 minutes, throw your board in the water and you'll feel like you are 100km from the city''


Our mission is to bring people to the water, to show the residents of Montreal, Laval, South Shore and North Shore that they have access to this playground all around them

Where are we?

Our office is in Villeray on St-Laurent near HWY-40. We also have a mobile unit that allows us to move to the best spots for lessons and expeditions. We love rivière des Milles-Îles between Laval and Boisbriand for its proximity and its beauty. It's actually where we spent most of our time. One of our favourite spot is the Îles-de-la-Paix near Beauharnois. The water is beautiful, almost transparent. We also move the Laurentides and Lanaudière for half-day and full-day trip.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can learn Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Paddleboarding is a sport accessible to all. You only need to know how to swim. After a short intro course, you will be able to stand on the board and to use the paddle correctly to move around. You will be wearing a life jacket for more safety.


When can we practice Stand Up Paddleboarding?

In fact, as long as the lakes and rivers are not frozen it's possible. Lessons start in May and end in October. At the start and the end of the season, we sometimes use a wetsuit. June to September are the best months because the water temperature is comfortable and perfect to learn, explore new spots and try SUP-Yoga


Is the equipment provided?

Yes, we provide everything. You'll only need your swimsuit, sunscreen and water.​


What do I need to bring?

You'll only need: a swimsuit, some water, sunscreen, a hat, a towel and maybe a rashguard for more protection from the sun.

Is the water clean in the Milles-Îles River?


After years of swimming and falling in the river all the time, we never heard or noticed any issue. The water looks muddy because the bottom is made of mud! We can see test results that show that the water is suitable for swimming almost all the time except after extended heavy rain episodes. We avoid giving lessons when it's the case.


Do you need waves to paddleboard

No it's not necessary. In fact it's a lot easier on flat water. After you become confident on flat water, you can go try it on waves and rivers.

How can I book?

Rent a SUP

Book a paddleboard intro course


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Lessons and Rentals

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Milles-Îles River, access via Laval or Boisbriand

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